Introduction to Housing First - Blended Learning Course

Connecting People, Developing Best Practice

Housing First has been described as the single most important innovation in homelessness service design in the last 30 years.*(1)

*(1) Nicholas Pleace, University of York 2016

This half day blended learning is for individuals and organisations who are keen to are  to hear the evidence for this quote and learn more about the basics of Housing First.

By completing course work and attending a 3 hour online session via Zoom or Microsoft Teams, you will learn about the principles and the ethos of Housing First. You will also hear from someone who is being supported by Housing First and Sam Tsemberis, the founder of Housing First at Pathways Housing in New York.

You will discuss Housing First's place in ending multiple and enduring complex needs homelessness and rough sleeping in Scotland and have the opportunity to learn from Turning Point Scotland's experience and learning over the last 10 years when Housing First came to Scotland. 


Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course you will:

  • Identify the people who most benefit from being supported by a Housing First service, exploring how and why they benefit.
  • Recall the 7 Housing First principles and what these mean for you and your workplace.

Delivered by Turning Point Scotland's Housing First Trainers.

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