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Welcome to the Training Hub of the Housing First Academy.

In 2018, Turning Point Scotland (TPS) developed Housing First training. At the same time Scotland had made the decision to fully embrace the Housing First model and plans were in place to develop Housing First services across the country.  Being the first organisation to bring Housing First to Scotland in 2010 TPS had learned a lot of lessons, positive and negative.  They had also learned from their role as co-founding members of the Housing First Europe Hub, benefiting from other European countries’ experiences.

Therefore, Turning Point Scotland believed that they had a role in supporting the Housing First movement in Scotland and that sharing their knowledge and experience was the right thing to do.

The training has grown in that time, responding to demand from the Consortium partners, local authorities and wider organisations, new courses have been developed. Courses are regularly reviewed and updated, responding to both the immediate and follow up feedback from participants who have engaged in the training.  The courses include learning from TPS’ experience as the Lead organisation for the Glasgow Housing First Consortium and being a partner agency in Edinburgh and Aberdeen Consortia.

As part of Turning Point Scotland’s commitment to Housing First in Scotland, a Housing First training team has been set up.  The trainers have varied roles in Housing First from frontline delivery and management to Housing First European Trainers.  Additionally, they have a dedicated Training and Development Officer and Training Administrator.

Meet the team

Turning Point Scotland have delivered training to over 500 people across Scotland. Participants come from a varied range of areas and services such as Housing First Practitioners and Managers, Housing Officers/ Neighbourhood Coaches, Social Workers, Case Workers, Administrative workers, Council Elected Members.  TPS have delivered in 11 local authority areas, the 5 pathfinder cities, as well as to third sector organisations and Housing Associations. Turning Point Scotland have also been involved in the early stages of Housing First pilots as well as delivering to UK and European audiences.

Turning Point Scotland offer three levels of training:

The course content is developed using Turning Point Scotland’s Housing First experience, our experience from the Housing First Europe Hub and from the feedback we receive from participants.

There is also the opportunity to deliver bespoke courses and reflective practice sessions that take into account organisations’ Housing First learning needs.

What people say about the training

85% of participants rate the training ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’.

“Very informative and well presented course”

- Neighbourhood Coach

“Very good and productive training”

- Housing Options Officer

“Some challenging questions that were answered very well”

- Housing First Manager

“Excellent training”

- Health and Wellbeing Co-ordinator

“Thoroughly enjoyed training and absolutely buzzing to be delivering Housing First in my area”

- Amanda Robinson, Housing First Support Worker, North Ayrshire Council

“Thanks again for the training, it was one of the best courses I have attended in terms of involvement/participation of your audience… and your content was excellent. All attendees I have spoken to have been highly complimentary of your material and delivery method. Many thanks!”

- Lewis Hannah, Housing and Homeless Service Manager, The Highland Council

Meet the trainers


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