Communities of Practice Terms

Connecting People, Developing Best Practice

The Housing First Academy values the opportunity to host the Communities of Practice sessions. 

We encourage Housing First practitioners, managers and stakeholders to take the opportunity to participate in Communities of Practice sessions.
At present, due to Covid-19, all sessions will be hosted via Zoom.


All sessions are free of charge. To book a place at an advertised session, please complete the Eventbrite registration.
Prior to the session, the facilitator will contact you to confirm your place at the Communities of Practice.
If you are unable to attend the session where you booked a place, please let us know in advance.
If the session has to be cancelled, the HF Academy will inform you as soon as possible.
Prior to the session, you will be sent the agenda, confirmation of topics for discussion and a list of fellow participants. 


It is envisaged that the Communities of Practice sessions will be as frequent as is reasonable and possible.
Once a group has initially met, there will be opportunities for participants to set topics and co-facilitate a session. Details will be provided at the session.
In order to capture the discussion and learning from the session, the facilitators will be recording points by hand . 
The session will last for two hours and there will be a break.

Group Agreement

  • Keeping to time. Sessions should start on time and end on time.
  • Fair participation in discussion is essential. Use of  Zoom ‘hands up’.
  • Respecting each other's opinion.
  • Confidentiality. Any information shared must not include any details that  may identify a person. 

Participants will have an opportunity to add to this agreement at the beginning of a session.


Following the session, you will be asked for your feedback on the session you attended. Any feedback is greatly appreciated and will determine the format and content of future sessions.

By agreeing to participate in a session you are agreeing to keep to the Group Agreement and having discussion and learning recorded. Information from sessions may be used to:

  • Inform further learning and practice. Discussion and learning  from the sessions may be shared across the HF Academy Hub’s and with those on the mailing list, in order that other practitioners and stakeholders can benefit.
  • All information shared will be done anonymously unless otherwise agreed.
  • Learning and discussion from the sessions may be requested for the use of academics and those carrying out research.  
  • Learning and discussion may be used to influence future training.


We hope you find the website interesting and helpful, and welcome any comments you may have.

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